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cPanel & WHM Version 70 in CURRENT! - Chris - 02-14-2018

cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM Version 70 to the CURRENT tier! Below are just a few of the updates included in this version.

Geofilter User Logins

Server Administrators can now drastically increase security with cPHulk's new "Country Management" interface. By blocking or white-listing logins in the new “Country Management” interface, you can define who is allowed to log in to your cPanel accounts, WHM accounts, and much more.More details*are provided in the Version*70 cPHulk*documentation.

Suspend Mail per Email Account

You can now suspend or queue the outgoing mail from a single email account on your server. This feature expands on the options we added in*version 54*allowing you to suspend individual email accounts. 

Read more in the*Version 70 Release Notes.

More Information

Check out the*cPanel Release site*to see an overview of the latest features and updates cPanel & WHM has to offer! All of the details about all cPanel & WHM Version 70 features can be found in the Release Notes*http://go.cpanel.net/releasenotes.