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Welcome to WebTalkHosting
Hi All, 

Too many times has forums banned us for their own professional gain. Many Web Hosting Forums including but not limited to WebHostingTalk, and are being influenced by web hosting companies. These web hosting companies are promoting themselves internally on the forum and if you contact these forums in out cry, they ban you immediately. This type of influence should not be allow as it's creating a monopoly in the web hosting industry. Do you want to be apart of this monopoly or do you want to regain internet freedom? If you want to gain internet freedom back join WebTalkHosting (WTH). We are a independent forum community created by "Just a single guy looking to help others". 

* We don't ban you because you advertise your business (Make sure it's in the right section). - We will Ban you if you don't follow our rules.
* We don't hold anything against you for years
* We believe in 100% Internet Freedom, you are in control of what your posting.
* We work with companies such as VPN providers, Hosting Companies and others to offer you as a business or as a consumer the best services.
* We don't just provide you with a place to post, we engage with you as well.

Thank you.

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