How to Disable Internet Explorer Security Popups in Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016?

When i was younger, I coded and designed my own video game…Moving away from development of my own video game and into Server Administrator and Web Hosting, I will be creating a few quick guides on basic How-Tos for beginners. I know it’s frustrating when you open IE on a server and you have to add each web page in order to view it, not to mention all underlying pages it may be referencing.

The fix as a 14-year old kid designing a online video game was to install google chrome.

The fix now as a Server administrator….

GUI – Graphical User Interface

The steps:

1. On the Windows Server 2012 server desktop, locate and start the Server Manager.

2. Select Local Server (The server you are currently on and the one that needs IE ESC turned off)

3. On the right side of the Server Manager, you will by default find the IE Enhanced Security Configuration Setting. (The default is On)

4. You have two settings that can be disabled, one only affects the Administrators and the other all users. The preferred method when testing (if for example SharePoint) is to use a non-admin account and if that is the case, disable the IEESC only for users. Using a local administrator account would cause an additional threat to security and it will also often not give you the required result in tests, since the administrator has permissions where a normal user do not.
Make your selection to Off for Administrators, Users or both.

5. In this example, I have selected to completely disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security. When your seelction is made, click OK.

6. Back in the Server Manager, you will see that the setting has not changed at all. Press F5 to refresh the Server Manager and you wil see that it is changed to Off.

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